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Are you looking to get fit and toned in the bustling city of Singapore? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of the top 10 Pilates Singapore studios that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

These premier studios offer a variety of classes for all levels, making it easier than ever to incorporate Pilates into your exercise routine.

Plus, with expert instructorsstate-of-the-art equipment, and convenient locations throughout the city, these studios cater to every preference and need.

What Are the Benefits of Pilates

Improves Core Strength And Stability

Pilates is an excellent choice for improving core strength and stability, making it a popular workout among fitness enthusiasts in Singapore.

A strong core serves as the foundation for efficient movement throughout daily life as well as sports activities.

For example, individuals who practice Pilates regularly often report increased ease in performing tasks such as lifting heavy objects or maintaining good posture for extended periods at work.

Additionally, having improved core strength can reduce the risk of injury by providing support to your spine and assisting with proper body mechanics.

Increases Flexibility And Posture

Pilates workouts are known for their ability to enhance flexibility and posture.

With regular practice, Pilates stretches and exercises can help individuals achieve greater mobility in their joints while improving alignment.

This is especially important for those with sedentary lifestyles who may be experiencing pain or stiffness from sitting at a desk all day.

In addition, Pilates emphasizes the use of correct form and technique in each movement, which helps to promote good posture both inside and outside of class.

By strengthening the muscles responsible for proper alignment and balance, individuals can reduce their risk of injury while also looking taller and more confident overall.

Tones Muscles And Improves Overall Body Shape

In Pilates classes, you’ll work on both large and small muscle groups, which helps build a toned and sculpted physique.

With consistent practice, you’ll notice improved definition in your arms, legs, abs, back – basically all over! Pilates also targets the deep core muscles that are essential for stability and posture.

Top 10 Pilates Singapore Studio

Here are the top 10 Pilates studios in Singapore that offer a variety of classes to help you achieve your fitness and toning goals: Breath Pilates, Focus Pilates, Options Pilates Studio, Pilates BodyTree, Pilates Fitness, PowerMoves Pilates in the Park, The Balanced Company, The Moving Body Group, The Pilates Place and Upside Motion.

Line Pilate

Line Pilate is one of the most popular pilates places in Singapore with amazing reviews and top-quality instructors

They have an amazing studio that has been thoughtfully created to provide a welcoming and open area for you to rest, unwind, and practice Pilates. There is enough room for each of the classes and they provide all of the essential equipment.

Line Pilate is also available on ClassPass which means you can try it for free if you are new to ClassPass.

Google Review:4.9⭐(247)

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Breathe Pilates Singapore

Breathe Pilates is a boutique studio located in the heart of Raffles Place that offers a range of classes for all fitness levels. The studio has experienced instructors who provide personalized attention to each client, ensuring they meet their fitness goals.

Breathe Pilates specializes in mat and reformer classes, as well as rehabilitative exercises to help clients recover from injuries or surgery.

At Breathe Pilates, clients can expect an intimate and comfortable setting with state-of-the-art equipment. This studio also provides private training sessions that cater to individual needs, whether it’s for general fitness or specific rehabilitation purposes.

Google Review:4.6 ⭐(79)

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Focus Pilates

Focus Pilates is a boutique studio located in the heart of Orchard, offering personalized classes with experienced instructors. Their programs cater to all fitness levels and aim to improve posture, flexibility, and core strength.

They specialize in Mat Pilates as well as Reformer Pilates, using the latest equipment available for maximum results. With small class sizes, every participant gets individualized attention to ensure proper form and technique.

Clients have raved about the studio’s friendly environment, knowledgeable trainers, and excellent facilities.

Google Review:4.9 ⭐(94)

Check the Focus Pilate rates or check it out at Focus Pilate ClassPass.

Options Pilates

Options Pilates Studio offers a range of classes, including group mat Pilates, Reformer classes, and private sessions with experienced instructors.

Located in the heart of Raffles Place, this studio provides flexibility for busy professionals who want to squeeze in a workout during their lunch break or after work.

Options Pilates also offers prenatal and postnatal classes for mothers looking to stay fit during and after pregnancy.

The studio has received positive feedback from clients who appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and personalized attention from the trainers.

Google Review:4.7 ⭐(62)

Pilates BodyTree

Pilates BodyTree is a popular Pilates studio in Singapore that offers both mat and equipment-based classes.

With three locations across the city, including Orchard, Marine Parade, and Chinatown, it is easy to find an option convenient for you.

The studio’s experienced instructors provide personalized attention to help clients achieve their fitness goals while improving posture and alignment.

In addition to traditional Pilates classes, they also offer specialized workshops such as back care or pre- and postnatal Pilates for new mothers.

Google Review:4.7 ⭐(62)

Pilates Fitness

Pilates Fitness is one of the top Pilates studios in Singapore that specializes in shaping and toning bodies. They offer a range of classes to cater to all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.

Their weight loss pilates program combines cardiovascular exercises with pilates movements for maximum calorie burn.

For those looking to strengthen their core, their core pilates class utilizes various equipment such as magic circles and resistance bands for an intense workout.

Couple prenatal Pilates is also available for expectant mothers who want to stay fit during pregnancy.

Google Review:4.6 ⭐(283)

SmartFit Pilates

SmartFit Pilates prides itself on having experienced instructors who provide personalized attention to each client’s needs. They have small Group Classes that have a maximum of 6 clients per class.

Some interesting types of Pilates they have are Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, and high-energy alternatives like Full Body Burn (Reformer HIIT) and Full Body Challenge (Reformer & TRX).

Furthermore un They have classes for both beginners and seasoned Pilates practitioners.

Google Review:4.9 ⭐(66)
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In conclusion, Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise that can help you achieve your fitness and toning goals. With so many great studios to choose from in Singapore, there’s no excuse not to give it a try.

From Breathe Pilates to Upside Motion, each studio has its own unique approach and offerings for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Remember to choose the right studio based on factors like location, class schedule, experienced instructors, reviews and testimonials, as well as facilities and equipment available.


1. What is Pilates and how does it benefit the body?

Pilates is an exercise that focuses on strengthening and stretching muscles, and improving flexibility, posture, and balance. It can help improve overall fitness levels while reducing stress and the risk of injury for participants.

2. How do I find a reputable Pilates studio in Singapore?

To find a reputable studio for your needs, consider reading reviews from other clients or taking advantage of free trial offers to experience different studios before committing to one long-term.

3. Are there any prerequisites for attending a Pilates class?

Most classes are open to individuals of all abilities regardless of age or fitness level however individuals with pre-existing medical conditions should consult with their healthcare provider prior to starting any new physical activity program.

4. Do I need special equipment for participating in Pilates classes at these studios?

Most studios provide the necessary equipment such as mats or reformers required during instruction but recommended attire should be considered including comfortable clothing & proper supportive footwear.

Some additional accessories may also be suggested by instructors such as blocks or straps depending upon the style taught within each location (i.e., mat vs reformer).

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