What's Sportifate About

Health is Irreplaceable. Exercise is essential. Don't wait.

For the Sports/Fitness community

We want it to be helpful. We want you to use it and reach out to the public in Singapore to learn and find out more about your sport/fitness club. 

For example I didn’t know Canoe Polo existed in Singapore till today! In addition, even if I knew it exists, I won’t know what is it about and how to play it.

Thus, don’t be shy, come forward and share your knowledge with everyone.

For users

Maybe you want to exercise but your tired of gymming or running just to keep fit? 

At Sportifate, you can look for many alternative sports/fitness communities here to stay healthy easily. There is a sport for everyone.

Or simply read up about the sports & fitness articles over here!

But that’s not all – Sportifate is constantly evolving, just like your fitness goals. We value your feedback and are committed to improving and adapting our platform to better serve you and our vibrant community. 

Collaborate & Give Us Feedback

If you have sports/fitness videos you like to show case, we will edit, tag you in the video and post on all our socials. Or if you want us to improve any of our features, do drop us a email and we will try our best to improve.