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Over the years, rock climbing has took off in Singapore and i’m glad to see so many new climbers picking up the sport.

Fortunately, Singapore has no shortage of top-quality bouldering gyms that cater to climbers of all skill levels. From cozy, beginner-friendly spots to massive facilities with hundreds of routes, the city-state has it all.

If your looking for climbing tips for beginners or want to find out more about bouldering, do check out our article for beginner climbers.

What is Bouldering?

A climber navigating a bouldering route on an indoor gym wall.

Bouldering is a fun sport. It is like rock climbing but without ropes or harnesses. Instead, climbers use their body strength and moves to climb up short walls. The walls are not very high and thick mats or padded floors are under them for safety.

The goal in bouldering is not just to reach the top of the wall. Climbers must also follow a set path called a route or problem. This makes it much more than an exercise for stamina and strength! It gets your brain working too as you plan your moves ahead of time.

In Singapore, many people enjoy this sport indoors at gyms that have special areas for bouldering. Here are a list of popular boulder spots in Singapore!

Climb Central

Photo: By Climb Central

Climb Central is one of the most popular bouldering gyms in Singapore. It offers a wide range of climbing options, including top rope, bouldering, lead climb, and auto-belays.

First-timers are required to arrive at least 45 minutes early to register over the counter, as they will need to attend a mandatory safety briefing.

One of the things that make Climb Central stand out is its suitability for climbers of all levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber looking for a challenge, there are routes available that cater to your skill level.

Monthly memberships start from $180.Here are the rates and Locations:


The entry rates (single pass) at Climb Central are as follows:

  • Adult: $25
  • Youth: $20
  • Adult-Child: $31

They also offer package rates:

  • 5 Passes: $105
  • 10 Passes: $190
  • 5 Adult-Child Passes: $130
  • 10 Adult-Child Passes: $230


  • Climb Central Sports Hub
  • Climb Central Novena
  • Climb Central Funan
  • Climb Central Katong

The charges stated are solely for the class, with a separate registration fee of $10.80 for first-timers. If you require more information, check out climb central’s website.

Boulder +

Boulder + is a space designed for the love of climbing! I personally like boulder+ as it is rather spacious and have they many interesting problems!


  1. Day Pass: $28 – Allows full-day access with re-entry on the same day.
  2. 10 Passes: $200 – Save $8 per pass with this package, ideal for those planning multiple visits.
  3. Youth Pass: $18 – Available for individuals below 19 years old, valid on weekdays till 7pm at Aperia and all days at Chevrons.
  4. Parent-Child Pass: $35 – A special rate for parents looking to spend quality climbing time with their kids.
  5. Kids Pass: $16 – For children below 13 years old, although supervision is required.


  • Aperia Mall: 12 Kallang Ave, Singapore.
  • The Chevrons: 48 Boon Lay Way, Singapore.

Definitely a must try if your near to these locations!

Take a look at Boulder+ programs today!

Ground Up Climbing

Photo: Ground Up Climbing

Ground Up Climbing is one of the top bouldering gyms in Singapore, offering a welcoming and inclusive environment for climbers of all levels.

With its professional coaching services, route setting, and classes for kids and adults alike, it’s a great place to improve your skills and meet fellow climbing enthusiasts.


Screenshot: Ground Up


60 Tessensohn, CSC @ Tessensohn(Level 2), S217664
Take a look at Ground up here.

Boulder Movement

Photo: By Capital Land

When it comes to bouldering in Singapore, Boulder Movement is one of the top gyms around. This bouldering-only facility has over 30 meters of wall space and offers a unique experience for beginner and advanced climbers alike.

Founded by passionate climbers who wanted to share their love for the sport with others, Boulder Movement positions itself as a welcoming and beginner-friendly gym.


Day Pass (1 entry): $30

5 Pass (Shareable): $135

10 pass (Shareable): $200

Membership Pricing:

Boulder Movement offers a membership program known as Boulder Movement Citizen (BMC). Here are the details:

  • Unlimited Access: $118 per month, providing unlimited access to all gyms, anytime.
  • Off Peak Access: $68 per month, granting access to all gyms from Tuesday to Friday, 11:00 am to 4:30 pm, excluding public holidays.

Memberships renew automatically on the first day of each calendar month, and there is no minimum contract period or termination fee. Memberships can be temporarily suspended for any reason by paying $15 per month​.


Boulder Movement offers a variety of classes to cater to different skill levels:

  • Foundation Classes: Covering Introduction to Bouldering, Foundation 1/2/3, and Guided Bouldering. Completing the full series of foundation classes covers the technique requirements for climbs up to BM 15.
  • Master Classes: These can be taken in any order, but it’s recommended that you should be climbing BM 18 consistently before joining a Master Class.

    Find out more information about Boulder Movement here!

Kinetics Climbing

Photo: By Kinetic Climbing

One of the best bouldering gyms in Singapore is Kinetics Climbing. As a climbing beginner, I love going to this gym because it offers a wide range of routes and challenges for climbers of all levels.

It is also one of the largest bouldering gyms in Singapore. It’s not just for adults either; Kinetics Climbing also offers children’s classes and climbing courses for those looking to improve their skills.

Take a look at Kinetic climbing pricing here.

Other Bouldering Gyms

If this is not enough for you, check out the super detailed list of bouldering gym in Singapore by climbodachi. Some examples will be Project SEND, Fit Bloc and more! There will be the full details of prices, location, opening and contact number of most bouldering gyms in Singapore!

The climbing scene in Singapore is growing widespread at a rapid pace which is great for nuturing young talents and growing the sport scenes in Singapore! There are many climbing experts in Singapore willing to share their tips and trick to guide you which is one of the reasons why I like the climbing scene here. So what are you waiting for? check out one of these climbing gyms today !


1. What is the best bouldering gym in Singapore?

There are several top-rated gyms like Climbers Brewing, Boulder World Singapore, and T-Hall Singapore Climbing Gym to name a few.

2. Are there kid-friendly rock climbing gyms in Singapore?

Yes! Gyms like BFF Climb, Gorilla Climbing Gym, and UpWall Climbing host climbing parties and camps for kids.

3. How much does it cost to go rock climbing in Singapore?

Prices vary from gym to gym but most offer bouldering packages that include equipment rental and training classes.

4. Can beginners try out rock climbing or bouldering in these gyms?

Absolutely! Many gyms offer beginner courses like the Fundamentals of Bouldering class or SNCS Rock Climbing Level 1 course.

5. Do I need special shoes for bouldering at these gyms?

Climbing shoes are needed for safety while scaling the wall. If you don’t own one, most places provide rentals.

6. Are there indoor and outdoor climbing options available at these centers?

Yes! Most of these facilities boast both indoor air-conditioned rock faces as well as outdoor lead-climbing spaces.

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