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Sailing in Singapore is unique and interesting but it requires a professional certificate from a sailing course!

Today, we’ll be your compass, navigating you through the essentials of sailing in Singapore. From selecting the perfect course that suits your needs, to understanding what it takes to start, joining a sailing club, and gearing up for thrilling events – we’ve got it all covered.

Are you set to sail on an extraordinary nautical journey? Let’s set the sails!

Sailing Courses in Singapore

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned sailor wanting to advance your skills, Singapore offers myriad sailing courses. From the Basic Sailing Course (BSC) tailored for beginners, to advanced offerings like the Mastering Sailing Skills Course and American Sailing Association (ASA) Accredited Course – there’s something for everyone.

Youngsters aren’t left out either with Opti Sailing Courses available just for kids. Each course provides expert instruction designed to equip learners with essential sailing techniques and safety practices.

Basic Sailing Course (BSC)

The Basic Sailing Course is a great way to start your sailing journey. This course is four days long, divided into eight sessions. You get to learn how to tie knots and set up the sails of the boat.

That’s called “rigging”. Another skill you pick up is knowing where on a lake or sea you can sail. And if your boat tips over, don’t worry! The course also teaches capsize drills so that you feel safe and confident while sailing.

It takes place at places like Republic of Singapore Yacht Club through NUS Sailing. No past experience with boats? No problem!

Anyone can take this sailing course! Here are some of the courses offered in Singapore:

Singapore Sailing Federation’s Adult Basic Sailing Course:

  • For Singaporean citizens, the cost is SGD 606.10.
  • For Permanent Residents (PR) or foreigners, the fee is SGD 725.35​​.

SAF Yacht Club’s Basic Sailing Course:

  • For SAFYC Members, the fee is SGD 248.40.
  • For the public, the price is SGD 378.00

American Sailing Association (ASA) Accredited Course

The ASA (American Sailing Association) accredited courses are a series of sailing certifications designed to give sailors recognized credentials that denote their level of sailing knowledge and skills. If you truly want to master sailing, the ASA course gives you a internationally recognised certification for sailing.

Example of some of their modules include

ASA 101: Basic Keelboat Sailing – This course teaches the fundamentals of sailing, including sailing terminology, parts and functions, helm commands, basic sail trim, points of sail, buoyage, seamanship, and safety, including basic navigation rules to avoid collisions and hazards.

ASA 103: Basic Coastal Cruising – After mastering the basics, this course takes sailors to the next level. It covers skills needed for day sailing within sight of land. Topics include boat systems and maintenance, basic navigation, anchoring, weather, and more.

Optimum Sailing Courses for Kids

Optimist Sailing Course in Singapore
Credits: Changi Sailing Club

Opti Sailing Courses give kids a fun way to learn sailing. These courses are for kids between seven and 14 years old. They help kids understand how boats work and how to sail with the wind.

After the beginner course, called Opti Junior, kids can take Opti Sailor next. Here they build on what they learned in Opti Junior. The goal is to get them ready for big sailing races, or regattas, across Singapore!

Requirements and Eligibility for Sailing Course in Singapore

Embarking on a sailing adventure requires certain prerequisites such as physical fitness and swimming abilities. Let’s explore these requirements and discover if you’re eligible to sail the high seas in Singapore.

Physical fitness

Being fit helps you sail better. You need a good body to control the boat and fight the sea waves. The Singapore Physical Activity Guidelines also note this point. They say that doing exercises often helps us stay active and less tired.

Sailing needs both body power and quick thinking. A study found these traits in Chinese dinghy and 470 sailors, who are known for their skills at sea. So, pay mind to your fitness if you want to learn sailing in Singapore in a fun way!

Age and swimming ability

Swimming is a key skill for sailing. You can start learning at any age. Kids gain extra benefits like better athletic skills and happier minds from early swimming lessons. But, don’t worry if you are older! You can still learn to swim in Singapore.

It helps every person – kids, teens, grown-ups, and old folks alike.

Top Sailing Clubs in Singapore

Discover Singapore’s elite sailing clubs like the SAF Yacht Club and One°15 Marina Club, known for their world-class facilities and comprehensive sailing programs. Explore more about these clubs, their offerings, and how they can elevate your sailing experience.

SAF Yacht Club

SAF Yacht Club is a top choice in Singapore. Here, you can learn how to sail and do sea sports. They teach how to tie knots and set up boats for sailing. They also have events and clinics where you can learn more about sailing.

In the past, SAF Yacht Club was at Changi, but they moved because of new buildings put up by the government. This yacht club helps with the Singapore Yacht Show every year as well.

One°15 Marina Club

One marina Club For Sailing In Singapore
Credits: One°15 Marina Club

One°15 Marina Club is a top spot for sailing in Singapore. It gives people the chance to sail with great marina facilities. The club works with some of the world’s best marinas, yacht and golf clubs.

At One°15 Marina Sentosa Cove, you can live a fun life by the water. The club has services that let anyone charter a yacht. They even helped win an offer to host big sailing events like SB20 World Championships together with Singapore Sailing Federation.

Changi Sailing Club

Changi Sailing Club sits on the northeast coast of Singapore. It started back in 1936 as the Changi Garrison Yacht Club. This club is not just old, but also ties with other top sailing clubs in Singapore.

Many people go there to learn how to sail. The club lets sailors show their skills in races for small boats called dinghies too.

NSRCC Sea Sports Centre

NSRCC Sea Sports Centre is in Changi, Singapore. It sits inside National Service Resort & Country Club. The center runs under Constant Wind Sea Sports and Sailing School’s care. Here, you can learn many water sports, sailing included! It has ties with different sailing clubs across Singapore too.

To know the current list of these clubs, check out their website. Those who want to be good at sailing often come here.

Bonus: Sailing Events in Singapore

Singapore Sailing at MBS

From thrilling regattas to the esteemed Singapore National Sailing Championship, there’s a slew of exciting sailing events in Singapore that offer both seasoned sailors and newcomers an opportunity to witness competitive sailing at its best.

Singapore National Sailing Championship

The Singapore Sailing Federation puts on the Singapore National Sailing Championship. The championship tests sailors in different classes like 12, 14 SCP, and Windsurfing LT Class.

Various places in Singapore host the championship races.

Singapore’s sailors have won many medals at large games over the past two decades. The results of the 2023 Championship came out on September 6, 2023. This proud tradition makes this event special for fans and racers alike!

Dinghy Sailing Events

Dinghy Sailing Events in Singapore are full of fun and adventure. These events use Pacer Dinghies, small boats perfect for new sailors. Training starts on land with the basics of sailing.

Then teams of four take to the water to race against each other. It is a great way to learn how to sail and make new friends at the same time!

Boat Shows and Regattas

Boat shows and regattas are big events in Singapore. They draw crowds from all over Asia. The RSYC Regatta is one such event that keeps Singapore as a top sailing spot in Asia. You can see the latest sailing gear and tech at these events.

If lucky, you might even get to step on some boats! Another key event is the Singapore Yacht Show where yacht makers meet clients and professionals. Sailing fans should also look forward to the Singapore Regatta 2022! It’s set to be a major sailing event with people coming from many places around this region.

So Now you know there are many sailing clubs and courses to help you learn. Let’s jump on a boat soon!


1. Where can I learn to sail in Singapore?

There are many places like sailing schools and sailing academies in Singapore that offer yacht training courses for beginners and advanced lessons too.

2. What is the RYA course in Singapore?

In Singapore, Royal Yachting Association (RYA) courses focus on skills such as keelboat handling, coastal navigation, sea survival training, and much more.

3. Can kids join youth sailing programs in Singapore?

Yes! Sailing clubs in Singapore offer youth programs where kids can learn dinghy sailing lessons or get involved with competitive sailboat events.

4. How can I improve my sailboat handling skills?

To better your skills at maneuvering a boat, you could take part in beginner or advanced sailing courses offered by various maritime course providers and gain hands-on experience.

5. Is there any special crew training available for Catamaran Sailing?

Sailing schools provide specific crew courses that cover all aspects of catamaran sailing which would be useful if you’re planning on going for a bit of thrill-seeker’s holiday involving wind surfing.

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