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Looking for the next thrilling adventure on wheels? Singapore is a treasure trove of cycling groups and trails waiting to be explored. This article provides an extensive guide to help you navigate through the best cycling clubs, routes, and other biking resources in this vibrant city-state. Ready to ride into an exciting biking journey? Dive right in!

Why join a cycling group in Singapore?

Joining a cycling group in Singapore offers lots of fun. It is a chance to learn new routes and meet others who love bikes. These clubs allow you to share tips and tricks about biking.

They also help improve your riding skills. The Singapore Cycling Federation even gives out awards for top bikers! Whether you like road cycling or mountain biking, there’s a club for it in Singapore.

Enjoy social events with other bike lovers too! Being part of these groups makes weekend bicycle rides more exciting. So join a cycling club today and start your own bike adventure!

Popular Cycling Groups in Singapore

The Rapha Singapore Cycling Club is known for its stylish gear and regular meetups where members venture on varied routes across the city. Singapore Road Cycling offers a platform for cyclists to share their passion of road cycling, with weekly group rides that cater to different skill levels.

If you’re serious about competitive cycling, consider joining the Singapore Cycling Federation, which hosts training sessions and races throughout the year. Each club brings together a vibrant community of fellow cyclists keen on exploring Singapore in new ways through cycling.

Rapha Singapore Cycling Club

Rapha Singapore Cycling Group in MBS

Rapha Singapore Cycling Club is a special spot for bike lovers. This club brings people together who share the same love for cycling. Many top bosses come here often to ride their bikes.

The club holds big events, friendly rides, and offers a warm place for all bike riders.

The club also sells fine biking gear used by racing champions. It hosts many fun rides and happenings just for those who love to cycle. With Rapha Singapore Cycling Club, you can be part of an exciting circle of bike riders in Singapore!

Singapore Road Cycling

Singapore Road Cycling is a club for bike lovers. They work to share the fun of road cycling with others. Safety, being kind and sharing knowledge are key parts of this group. It forms part of Joyriders, which is Singapore’s biggest group for casual biking.

Also, it has backing from the Singapore Cycling Federation. Bike riders get to see the city in a new way while making friends with other cyclists.

Singapore Cycling Federation

The Singapore Cycling Federation, or SCF, helps cycling grow in the country. It started its work in 1958 and Sport Singapore sees it as the lead group for biking. The SCF works with many bike groups all over Singapore to help riders have fun and get better at their sport.

They make sure that people know about safety when they ride their bikes and often set up events where bikers can compete against each other. If you love biking, being part of a group that the SCF supports could make your rides even more fun!

Lastly don’t forget you can always find cycling group communities from social media such as facebook, instagram and meetup.

Cycling Routes and Trails in Singapore

Embark on adventurous cycling journeys along Singapore’s fascinating routes like the picturesque Round Island Loop, immersive Ulu Pandan Park Connector, and vibrant East Coast Park.

Don’t miss out on these great rides; continue reading to explore more about them!

Round Island Loop

Credits: Two Wheel Cruise

The Round Island Loop is a must-try for all cycling enthusiasts in Singapore. It’s a long 130km route that starts at Rower’s Bay and ends at Berlayer Creek. Although the distance seems pretty long, its a super satisfying ride along the Geylang River and Kallang Basin is very pretty.

Finishing this bike ride means you did something big! It shows the great work done in expanding the Singapore cycling network.

If you love bike riding and want to do long-distance biking in Singapore, then try out Round Island Loop!

Ulu Pandan Park Connector

Ulu Pandan Park Connector is a joy to cycle on. It is a path near Sungei Ulu Pandan. This park connector hooks up the Western Adventure Loop with other parks in the south and Jurong.

You’ll pass by houses at Ghim Moh, Ulu Pandan, and Jurong East as you pedal along its path. Many who love to cycle use this route often. Check out the North Bank area if you enjoy seeing birds! The whole park connector is 7.1km long and was the first high-up bike-friendly place in Singapore.

East Coast Park

East Coast Park is a top spot for bike riding in Singapore. The park plays host to Cyclist Park, part of the Round-Island-Route that cyclists love. It’s not just any trail – making a full loop here is seen as a big win by bikers.

There is more than just biking though. You can enjoy water sports and rent bikes at Gocycling East Coast Park. As you ride, you’ll see cool places like Marine Cove, Raintree Cove, and the Coastal PlayGrove.

This variety makes East Coast Park very loved by road cycling groups and mountain biking fans in Singapore.

Other Cycling Routes

Credits: The Travel Intern

There are many other traveling routes done out by many cycling enthusiast so do check out youtube or watch the night cycling route by the travelling intern!

Multi-Day Cycling Group Tours in Asia

For those ready to take their cycling game a notch higher, embark on unforgettable multi-day cycling tours in Asia with operators such as SpiceRoads Cycling, Grasshopper Adventures, and Shangrila Cycling Tours.

These tours will not only test your endurance but also promise scenic rides through diverse landscapes and cultural experiences. So why limit yourself to Singapore when the whole of Asia awaits? Grab your bike and start pedaling!

SpiceRoads Cycling

SpiceRoads Cycling makes bike tours in Asia fun and easy. They have cool trips for all age groups. You can choose to ride on flat roads or hills. The best part is they help you see and learn about the places you visit.

They started this work back in 1995! Now, they even take bikers on a great road trip from Thailand to Malaysia. For over two decades, SpiceRoads Cycling has put smiles on the faces of many cycling lovers!

Grasshopper Adventures

Grasshopper Adventures is a top choice for bike tours in Asia. Starting in 2004, they have shown people great spots in Southeast Asia. Their tours fit all skill levels. They even give out free bottled water and tasty local food.

Many people love their Vietnam Essentials Bike Tour. This tour will take you to lots of cool places – from the Mekong Delta to Hoi An, Saigon, Hue, DaNang and more! In short, Grasshopper Adventures makes cycling events in Singapore exciting with their unique bike routes through orchards and gem mining towns as well as the coast of Thailand.

Shangrila Cycling Tours

Shangrila Cycling Tours takes you on an unforgettable ride. This tour operator plans biking tours in Singapore and other parts of Asia. You can pedal through Japan, Malaysia, Dubai or Tibet with them! It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-timer or a pro cyclist, there’s a tour for everyone.

Shangrila teams up with SCT to set exciting routes in Dubai and South Korea as well. Each cycling journey offers fun adventure and calm rest times too!

Tips for Finding the Right Cycling Group

Singapore Athlete cycling down the highway

Searching for the right cycling group in Singapore involves analyzing your personal skill level. Look for a community that offers support and inclusivity, where you feel comfortable growing as a cyclist.

Always check if they prioritize safety protocols and guidelines. Consider groups that plan for future adventures and challenges, to keep the interest high and motivation strong.

Consider your skill level

Picking the right cycling group means thinking about your skills. Not all groups ride at the same speed or travel the same routes. Some groups are for fast riders who like tough hills.

Others might be for slow riders who like flat trails.

Say you’re a new rider. You should join a group that helps beginners learn how to ride safely. The Singapore Cycling Federation has safe riding programs you can try.

But maybe you’re an experienced cyclist looking for a challenge. Then, try a group that rides long distances at high speeds on weekends. This gives you a chance to test your skills and endurance.

In short, know what skill level you have before choosing your cycling club in Singapore.

Look for a supportive and inclusive community

It’s good to pick a cycling group that is both supportive and inclusive.

For Example, Bike Scouts also does more than just cycle. They give back to the community by doing good things while riding their bikes.

Cycling Without Age Singapore shows kindness by helping those who can’t ride anymore enjoy cycling rides again.

So, find a group that not only loves biking but also cares about its members and the people around them!

Check for safety protocols and guidelines

Safety rules are key in cycling groups. The group you pick should have clear safety guidelines. These tell you how to keep safe on the road. Sport Singapore gives safe cycling tips in a 36-page guide.

Make sure your bike gets checked by a good mechanic often. This makes sure it is safe to ride. Wearing high-quality shorts can also help with comfort and focus during rides.

Join a cycling group in Singapore and have fun! You can learn new routes and make friends. Give it a try today!


1. What are some popular Singapore cycling clubs?

Various road cycling groups, mountain biking communities, and bicycle tours are available for enthusiasts in Singapore.

2. Where can beginners go to start learning about cycling in Singapore?

Beginner cyclists can join meetups in Singapore, take part in training programs, or attend bike maintenance classes.

3. Are there family-friendly and eco-friendly options for cycling in Singapore?

Yes! There are leisure spots perfect for weekend rides with the family. Eco-friendly tours take you on long-distance trails throughout urban areas of Singapore.

4. Do any cycling events or marathons happen at night?

Singapore hosts many social cycling events including night routes that offer new adventures under the stars!

5. Where can I buy gear or get tips about staying safe while riding my bike?

Safety workshops and fitness programs offered by recreational biking groups often provide information on safety measures and proper gear shops.

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