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The thriving local scene of flying disc sports like Beach Ultimate and Ultimate Frisbee is growing rapidly in Singapore.
I say it is mainly due to 2 reasons- it has a very welcoming community and you can play it almost anywhere

Explore how this fast-paced, non-contact game is bringing people together while promoting physical fitness and teamwork.

Where to play Ultimate frisbee in Singapore

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Whether your looking for a recreational/ competitive game of Ultimate Frisbee pickup, there is an option for you. You don’t have to be a pro to play this sport!

Pickup for the public is usually played at two areas in Singapore, Petir Park (Bukit Panjang)/ Bishan Park, Turf City, West Coast Park, Yio Chu Kang stadium and many more.

You may find out all the frisbee locations over here or join their Frisbee telegram groups here!

Rules, Gameplay, And Equipment Required

Ultimate Frisbee has a simple set of rules, exciting gameplay, and requires minimal equipment. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • The game is played with two teams of seven players on a field that is 110 meters by 37 meters.
  • The objective is to score points by catching the frisbee in the opposing team’s end zone while not moving with it.
  • Players may only move the frisbee by throwing it to teammates and cannot run with it.
  • Points are scored when a player catches the frisbee in the opposing team’s end zone.
  • Teams switch roles after each point scored, with the defending team becoming the attacking team and vice versa.
  • Fouls and infractions can result in penalties such as loss of possession or yards gained by opposing team members.
  • Ultimate Frisbee emphasizes fair play and self-officiation, meaning players make their own calls regarding rule violations rather than relying on referees.

Equipment Required- all you need is a flying disc/frisbee for playing Ultimate Frisbee.

A good-quality regulation-size disc can be purchased from UltySports along with other merchandise such as jerseys or gloves.

If you want to learn more detailed information check out ActiveSg Ultimate Frisbee guide on how to play the sport.

Ultimate Frisbee Improves Physical Fitness, Teamwork, Stress Relief

Ultimate frisbee pickup singapore

Being part of the Ultimate Frisbee community in Singapore comes with a long list of benefits. Firstly, playing the sport puts you on a path towards physical fitness as it demands great endurance and agility.

It is also an excellent way to build camaraderie and develop teamwork skills since the game requires coordination between teammates. Moreover, Ultimate Frisbee can be mentally refreshing and serves as an excellent stress-buster after a long day at work or school.

Beyond these obvious advantages, there are additional social/cultural benefits associated with being involved in this sport.

When you join your local club or league, you’ll connect with people from diverse backgrounds – united by their passion for flying disc sports – who all share the same interest in staying active while having fun.

Ultimately (pun intended), participating in Ultimate Frisbee gives individuals a sense of belonging within an inclusive community that values athleticism, sportsmanship and good vibes all around!

The Thriving Ultimate Frisbee Community In Singapore

In Singapore, flying disc sports are overseen by Sport Singapore and the Ultimate Players Association (UPAS), which supports a thriving community of leagues, clubs, and tournaments.

The Ultimate Players Association (UPAS) In Singapore

Being part of a community is essential to the growth and development of any sport, and Ultimate Frisbee is no exception.

In Singapore, this sense of community is fostered by the Ultimate Players Association (UPAS).

UPAS connects players across the island-city and acts as the governing body for ultimate frisbee in Singaporeresponsible for organizing leagues, tournaments, clinics, and workshops.

The association also ensures that flying disc sports are played safely and fairly according to established rules.

Leagues, Clubs, And Tournaments

Here are some of the exciting opportunities available to players:

  • The Ultimate Players Association (UPAS) in Singapore organizes leagues, tournaments and workshops throughout the year.
  • There are 5 ultimate frisbee leagues across different divisions throughout Singapore catering for competitive and recreational players.
  • The Mixed Gender League (MGL) is a popular league that runs twice a year for 8 weeks catered to mixed-gender teams.
  • Leagues such as the Open Division and Women’s Division provide opportunities for more experienced players.
  • Club teams like Chuckies, Shiok, and Freakshow are competitive teams that participate in regional tournaments regularly.
  • National-level tournaments held annually include the Singapore Ultimate Series (SUS), Ignition, Pan-Asian Ultimate Championships (PAUC), and Manila Spirits.
  • In addition to these events, there are also several clinics and workshops hosted regularly by clubs or coaches.

Playing ultimate frisbee in Singapore is an incredible experience – there is no shortage of opportunities to improve your skills and compete at a high level.

Getting Involved In Ultimate Frisbee In Singapore

Joining a club or league, attending clinics and workshops, and volunteering are some of the ways to get involved in the thriving ultimate frisbee community in Singapore.

Joining A Club Or League

If you’re interested in joining the ultimate frisbee community in Singapore, there are plenty of opportunities available for players of all skill levels. Here are some ways to get involved:

  • Find a local club or league: There are several ultimate frisbee clubs and leagues in Singapore, including SMU Ultimate FrisbeeSG United, and Ultimatum. Check out their websites or social media pages for information on how to join.
  • Attend pickup games: Many ultimate frisbee players in Singapore organize pickup games at various locations throughout the city. Look online for groups that welcome new players.

Remember, joining a club or league is a great way to meet fellow ultimate frisbee enthusiasts and improve your skills on the field. With so many options available in Singapore, there’s never been a better time to try this exciting sport!

UltySports And Chuckies: Must-Visit Destinations For Ultimate Frisbee Enthusiasts

Ultisports Singapore Ultimate Fristbee
Credits: Ultysport

UltySports is a one-stop destination for merchandise, coaching, and events related to Ultimate Frisbee, while Chuckies is a competitive club established in 2002 that offers great opportunities for enthusiasts.

UltySports: A One-stop Destination For Merchandise, Coaching, And Events

Ultysports is an exceptional platform for ultimate frisbee enthusiasts to get their hands on some quality merchandise, expert coaching, and event details. The website offers everything from discs, jerseys, shoes, accessories, and apparel used in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee at affordable prices.

On top of that, UltySports also provides coaching clinics to help players develop their skills beyond what they could achieve through self-practice.

One unique feature of UltySports which sets it apart is its dedication to giving back to society by donating a portion of its profits towards supporting youth development projects within Singapore’s flying disc community.

Chuckies: A Competitive Club Established In 2002

Chuckies is one of the most well-known and successful ultimate Frisbee clubs in Singapore, having been established back in 2002. They compete regularly in local leagues and tournaments, as well as participating in regional competitions such as the Asia Oceanic Ultimate Club Championships.

In addition to its competitive pursuits, Chuckies also plays an active role within the larger ultimate Frisbee community by organizing local events and clinics aimed at promoting the sport.


In conclusion, Ultimate Frisbee is an exciting and rapidly growing sport in Singapore. The community of ultimate players in the country is thriving, thanks to organizations such as UPAS and the support of Sport Singapore.

Anyone interested in this exhilarating activity can join a club or league, attend clinics and workshops, or volunteer to contribute to the community. UltySports and Chuckies are must-visit destinations for those who want to experience all that Ultimate Frisbee has to offer. If you’re looking for other sports, check out our sports guide section!

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