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Discover the top 10 gyms in Singapore that cater to your specific fitness goals, including well-known names like Fitness First and Virgin Active, as well as unique options like Webarre and Gravity Club.

I wrote 7 general gym options you can consider, base on your budget and needs so do have a quick 5 minute read below! If your not looking to gym, here are some other ways to stay healthy and fit.

Tip: If you’re unsure of which gym to go for in Singapore, always go for the trial option first to see if you like the gym. If you like to go to different types of gyms, just sign up for classpass.

Anytime Fitness

I’m sure by now everyone knows of Anytime Fitness. Its literally anytime and anywhere which can accommodate to almost anyone.

Anytime Fitness is a great option for gym goers looking for flexibility in their workout schedule. With multiple locations throughout Singapore, including 24/7 access, it’s easy to fit in exercise whenever it works best for you.

Not only that but Anytime Fitness also offers virtual classes, personal training sessions and state-of-art equipment for all your cardio and weightlifting needs.

And being included in the Top 10 Gym Picks for Your Fitness Goals in Singapore indicates that this gym has proven popularity.

Pricing: Around $80-$100+/ month

Energy One

If your on a budget like me and have a safra membership, please choose energy-one. Its just insanely worth. Why? Energy One constantly has gym promotion for Safra members super value for money.

They have free weights ranging to 50kg, squat, bench, deadlift racks for you without worrying there is not enough equipment.

Some of their outlets such as the Punggol and Toa Payoh ones have a jacuzzi and heat room too, they don’t lose out to other boutique fitness outlets.

price: From $37-50+

Fitness First

As a gym-goer in Singapore, you’ll definitely want to check out Fitness First. This gym is one of the top 10 picks for achieving your fitness goals and offers some great features that cater to different goals.

If your looking for a less crowded gym, Fitness First is a good option for you.

One huge benefit of fitness first is that you can sign up for unlimited classes for certain programs such as yoga, HIIT, cycling and group fitness session which can be super value for money!

Pricing: From $140 to $245

Pure Fitness

If you’re looking for a high-end luxury gym experience in Singapore, Pure Fitness is the place to be. Located in Marina Bay, Pure Fitness boasts fully equipped gyms with free weights and resistance training zones.

What sets Pure Fitness apart from other gyms is their boutique-style approach where they put a focus on personalized service like personal training classes etc.

The facilities are top-notch, and some even rival any upscale hotel pool in the world. With premium amenities like steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs available after your workout sessions too – it’s truly an elevated experience.

All you need is your trainers to enter as Pure Fitness provides workout gear.

Pricing: $215-275

Virgin Active

Virgin Active is one of the Gyms for people who require personal trainers.

With seven zones spread across three levels, there is something to suit everyone’s fitness preferences and goals.

The equipment provided caters to on-trend exercises like anti-gravity yoga and power plate workouts, as well as high-tech cardio and weight training machines by Technogym.

Virgin Active also offers a unique ZUU training style that uses bodyweight in high-intensity intervals for people looking to switch up their workout routine.

Adding to its appeal are the steam and ice baths available after your session, making it a great way to relax post-workout.

If you apply for their basic plan, it only offers 1 in club workout a week. The pro plan allows you to go for unlimited classes and all clubs in Singapore.

Pricing: From $33/week


GymmBoxx is one of the top-rated gyms in Singapore, and also one of the OG gyms i used to go to during my army days.

With seven outlets located in the heartlands of Singapore, GymmBoxx offers an inexpensive membership rate and a fantastic workout experience.

Their health and wellness centers are equipped with premium fitness machines and shower facilities at selected branches.

If you’re looking for a personalized gym experience, boutique style gyms like GymmBoxx are perfect since they focused on personal training sessions meant for clients who want to train with their trainers full time.

It is honestly a good place to workout just that it can be very crowded at certain timings!

Gymmboxx Membership plans range from monthly to six months to a year or pay-per-entry.

Pricing: From 65-110/month


ActiveSG is among the top 10 gym picks for fitness goals in Singapore. It’s an affordable option with a low entry fee of $2.50, making it ideal for budget-conscious gym-goers.

While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that other gyms may offer, ActiveSG provides basic weight and cardio training equipment to help gym enthusiasts achieve their fitness objectives.

For those looking for personalized services, ActiveSG offers personal trainers at reasonable rates. You can assess your progress regularly with a trainer’s guidance to ensure maximum results from your workout sessions.

However, one huge downside is that its crowded most of the time.


When your looking for a gym near you, whether is it energy one, active sg, virgin active, gymm box, pure fitness, fitness first or anytime fitness, be sure to understand your fitness goals and needs.
Your budget is also an important consideration when choosing these fitness plans as some plans can be very costly for students.

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