Is Indoor Bouldering At Boulder World Singapore Exciting?


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Are you walking near the city centre finding activities to do? Look no further than Boulder World, Singapore’s indoor bouldering gym that caters to climbing enthusiasts of all levels.

Located in Paragon Shopping Centre, Boulder World offers a supportive community, and exciting challenges for beginners climbers.

After talking to some of their staff, here’s a short insight of my review of Boulder World Singapore!

Indoor Bouldering Gym In Singapore: Boulder World

Something Cool About Boulder World Paragon

I recently visited the outlet at Paragon and understood why Boulder World is a popular go-to indoor bouldering gym in Singapore comes, starting with its status as one of the friendliest climbing gyms in town!

There are many friendly climbing staff that greeted me and taught me even though I was only there for a chill climb!

A view of Boulder World Singapore

Routes For Climbers

Boulder World Singapore offers an array of fantastic amenities and facilities for climbers to enhance their indoor bouldering experience.

There are at least 70 Bouldering routes at Boulder World that are changed every week to ensure ongoing exciting problems for climbers to solve!

If you’re a beginner climber looking for a convenient place to climb, Boulder World is perfect for you.

What is the difference between Boulder World Singpost vs Paragon

So here’s a post that summarizes Boulder World Paragon.

Boulder World Paragon Post by Kopi Girl
Credits: Post by Kopi from Lemon 8

Other than what Kopi Girl wrote, here are some things from my honest perspectives from a beginner climber!:

1) Not crazy crowded – you don’t have to wait too long to climb a route (I went at 1130am so not sure about the rest of the timings!

2) Beginner Friendly – The routes are set with 8 difficulties and it’s easier problems especially when compared to their previous SingPost outlet (perspective from a non-frequent climber) 

3) Friendly staff at Paragon @ – they taught me how to solve certain problems that I struggled with

4) Great location @- Orchard is super near to my house so a huge ++

5) If you want your kid to learn bouldering, they have special classes tailored to them there!

What do you need to bring when climbing at Bouldering Gyms

Boulder world Singapore Climbing Routes
Credits: Boulder World Singapore

Equipment Required

To enjoy indoor bouldering at Boulder World Singapore, you will need the following equipment:

  • Climbing shoes: specialized shoes with sticky rubber soles designed to help you grip and ascend the walls. Be sure to choose shoes that fit snugly. Usually, it will feel very tight when you first wear it!
  • Chalk bag: a small bag filled with chalk used to keep your hands dry and increase friction between them and the holds.
  • Climbing chalk: a fine powder that absorbs sweat and moisture from your hands.

Having this gear before arriving at Boulder World can save time and rental fees. However, if you do not have any of these items, they are available for rent or purchase at the gym. Proper equipment is crucial for a safe and enjoyable indoor bouldering experience.

Climbing Levels At Boulder World

Boulder World offers programs for climbers of all levels, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Beginner, Intermediate, And Advanced Levels at Boulder World


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Boulder World Singapore caters to climbers of all levels, including beginners, intermediate and advanced climbers.

With over 70 climbing routes in the gym, climb enthusiasts can challenge themselves on various difficulty levels.

Beginners need not fear as there are plenty of routes designed specifically for those new to bouldering. These routes usually have larger handholds and foot placements spaced closer together, making them easier to grip onto and complete.

Intermediate-level routes tend to be more challenging as they require more technical skills such as balance and footwork.

Advanced climbers will find some of the toughest climbs at Boulder World Singapore that demand strength, endurance, and creativity from even the most seasoned climber.

Beginner lessons at Boulder World Paragon

Boulder World has a dedicated section for young climbers and coaches to teach them as well.

Boulder World Children Lesson

Not just this set of walls, and entire area is dedicated to nurturing these young climbers! Go check out their program for kids here.

Pre-Climbing Warm-Up Exercises

It’s important to engage in proper pre-climbing warm-up exercises to prevent injuries and improve performance when indoor bouldering at Boulder World Singapore. Here are some suggested exercises to include:

  1. Joint rotations – focus on rotating your shoulders, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles to get them ready for movement.
  2. Dynamic stretching – perform stretches that mimic the movements you’ll be doing while climbing, like lunges and leg swings.
  3. Finger warm-ups – spend a few minutes performing finger strengthening exercises with a grip trainer or small weights to help prepare your fingers for gripping and pulling during climbing.

By spending a few minutes engaging in these pre-climbing warm-up exercises, you can help reduce the risk of injury and improve your overall performance during your indoor bouldering session at Boulder World Singapore.

With its wide range of climbing routes and expert guidance and friendly community, climbers can immerse themselves in a unique and exciting adventure that tests their physical and mental limits.

Do note that the Singpost outlet is closed permanently and you should head down to Paragon Orchard for a climb at boulder world! Check out where are the best boulder world gyms.

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