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Feeling a bit restless after binging on your favorite Netflix series and itching for some real action? You’re not alone. Many in Singapore are on the lookout for a great spot to kick the ball around and soak up some competitive spirit.

But with so many football pitches in singapore, how do you pick the right one? Whether you’re into the vibrant energy of street football like Messi or Ronaldo, or yearning for a rooftop football experience reminiscent of Ronaldinho’s flair, finding the perfect pitch can be a puzzle.

But worry not! You’re about to find the answers right here.

We’ve explored the length and breadth of Singapore to handpick soccer pitches that promise a great playing experience. Click here if your looking to find where to learn about football academies in Singapore instead.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this journey of finding your ideal playground to kick-off a match that’ll be etched in your memories!

Key Takeaways

  • Singapore has many great football pitches, like street courts, Decathlon Lab and Turf City @ The Cage.
  • Futsal lovers can enjoy games on top – notch courts at HYFA, Stadio @ Rooftop and Uber Sports.
  • Big stadiums like National Stadium and Singapore Indoor Stadium also hold soccer games.
  • Unique venues such as rooftop pitches and Stranger Soccer make playing more fun.

Best Football Pitches in Singapore

Discover the most exceptional football pitches in Singapore, ranging from street soccer courts for a fast-paced game with friends, Decathlon Singapore Lab Soccer Pitch boasting state-of-the-art facilities, fascinating rooftop soccer pitches that combine a game of football with stunning views, to Activesg free-to-play fields and Turf City @ The Cage featuring intense turf battles; providing you an ultimate platform to flaunt your skills and passion for the beautiful game.

Street soccer courts

Street soccer courts are all over Singapore. These spots are great for fast games. They are free and easy to find. Many famous footballers started by playing on streets like these.

You could start your football fun right in your own neighborhood!

Decathlon Singapore Lab Soccer Pitch

Decathlon Singapore Lab Soccer Pitch is a top pick for football games. It fits well with both 5v5 and 4v4 matches. Players get to play on this pitch from early morning till late night, as it opens at 8am and closes at 10pm.

The best part about the Decathlon soccer pitch is that it’s free for members of Decathlon. This makes it a good choice if you want to save money. Plus, after your game, you can clean up in the shower area provided by them.

Football lovers are also in for a treat here because they have a wide range of football gear like boots, balls, and clothes.

Rooftop soccer pitches

Rooftop soccer pitches are a hit in Singapore. You can play football high above the city at the AMARA HOTEL in Tanjong Pagar. It’s fun and easy to get there even if you work nearby.

There is another rooftop pitch at SKYPARK ARENA near King Albert Park MRT Station. They use top-level fields fit for FIFA games. So, not only do you get to play football, but also enjoy a great view of the city skyline! These unique pitches add more fun to your game time.

Activesg free-to-play soccer fields

ActiveSG offers free-to-play soccer fields. They are in primary and secondary schools all over Singapore. These fields are great for full 11-a-side games. This makes it easy to gather your friends for a fun game instead of watching Netflix at home.

Turf City @ The Cage

Turf City @ The Cage is a top pick for football pitch in Singapore. It offers everything you need. You can enjoy 5v5 or 4v4 games on the pitch. This makes it great for both locals and visitors to enjoy some fun playtime.

After your game, you’ll find a shower area open too! Those without cars won’t have trouble getting there – it’s easy to access by public transport! So if you love playing football, this is one field where your skills can shine bright.

Best Futsal Courts and Pitches in Singapore

For those who prefer the fast-paced action of futsal, Singapore boasts a variety of top-notch courts and pitches such as HYFA, Stadio @ Rooftop, Uber Sports, ORTO, and The Cage that offer state-of-the-art facilities to ensure an enjoyable game.


HYFA is a great place to play futsal in Singapore. They have many fields and cages for you to use. Two of them are big fields that follow the rules. There are also two medium-sized pitches and eight smaller ones for five people teams.

If you come when it’s not busy, you can pay less money – starting at $50 per hour for the small courts.

Stadio @ Rooftop

Stadio @ Rooftop brings a new spin to the game of football in Singapore. It is the city’s first pitch on a rooftop! This unique setup sits atop Tanjong Pagar’s Amara Hotel. Up to ten players can run, kick and score goals here.

As it is higher up, there’s a fresh feel to the games played here. But, this extra fun comes at an added cost; Stadio @ Rooftop charges more than other futsal courts in the area.

Uber Sports

Uber Sports is a place where you can have fun playing soccer. It has fields with fake grass for five- and seven-man teams to play on. These fields are under cover, so the game can go on even if it rains! Uber Sports stays open until 2am, so night games are possible too.

It also has a futsal place in ORTO that never closes. So, if you love to play at any time of day or night, you won’t be let down by Uber Sports.


ORTO is a fun spot in Yishun open all hours of the day. It’s packed with many things to do for the whole family, not just soccer fans. One great feature at ORTO is its futsal pitches.

Teams love to play there because of its top-notch fieldsStranger Soccer games are also held there and it adds more thrill to the place.

Uber Sports makes sure that ORTO never sleeps by running a futsal facility around the clock. This means you can enjoy playing football even late into the night! With food spots nearby, players can grab a quick bite after their game too.

If you’re looking for an exciting place to play soccer any time, ORTO should be your number one pick!

The Cage

The Cage in Singapore stands out among all football pitches. It’s the first indoor stadium that lets you play even when it rains. You can find six 5-a-side pitches here to enjoy your game.

Music fills the air, adding energy to your plays. The Cage is a top pick for futsal games too! Whether under sun or rain, this pitch allows you to keep playing and have fun!

Best Arenas and Stadiums in Singapore

Football Pitch Tampines Hub Singapore
Credits: Pexel David Gan

For football enthusiasts who prefer a grander stage, Singapore offers top-notch arenas and stadiums like the iconic National Stadium, the multifunctional Singapore Indoor Stadium, the historical Padang field, plus innovative platforms like Stranger Soccer and Singapore Sports Hub that provide excellent facilities to elevate your gaming experience.

National Stadium

The National Stadium in Singapore is huge and famous. It is where big sports events take place. The stadium has a dome roof that can open and close. It also has a large screen to show the game up close for all to see.

The football pitch is very smooth and well kept, which makes it perfect for playing football on.

Singapore Indoor Stadium

The Singapore Indoor Stadium is a great place. It comes to mind when we talk about the best arenas and stadiums in Singapore. This place has seen many big events. But it is not just for concerts or shows.

You can also play football here.

This stadium does not have an open field like most others do, but its features are still good for football games. The space at the Singapore Indoor Stadium matches well with a special style of football called indoor soccer or Futsal.

So, if you want to try this type of game, this place could be your pick!


Padang is a big field in the heart of Singapore. It’s used for many sports, but people love it most for soccer. It has lots of green grass and wide-open space. This makes it perfect for both small games and big matches.

The tall buildings around the field give a nice view too! So, if you want to play soccer at a cool spot in town, check out Padang!

Stranger Soccer

Stranger Soccer is a top pick for many players in Singapore. This company sets up games at different venues. Places like Ceylon Sports Club and The Cage Kallang are some of them. Games from Stranger Soccer can be played in all parts of the city – central, east, north, south and west.

People like it as they have futsal, rooftop pitches and also traditional fields to play on. They make sure that every player’s style of play is catered to.

Singapore Sports Hub

The Singapore Sports Hub is huge. It’s not just for soccer or football games but also hosts other sports too. It has a big stadium that can hold many people to watch the game. The field is good and clean, so it’s nice to play there.

Walking around the hub feels fun because you see many places where people enjoy sports. Many big events happen here in this place every year.

Thats all for me. Check out the other sports over here!


1. What makes a football pitch great for a game?

A great football pitch should be well-kept, have good size and markings, proper goal posts and nets, as well as good lighting for night play.

2. Are there any indoor football pitches in Singapore?

Yes, there are several indoor football pitches in Singapore which can be booked for games or practice sessions.

3. Can I rent a football pitch in Singapore?

Yes, various venues in Singapore provide the facility to rent a football pitch by the hour or day for games or events.

4. How much does it cost to book a football pitch in Singapore?

The rental cost of booking a football pitch may vary depending on its location, size and whether it is peak timing or not.

5. Is public allowed to use school’s Football Pitches when not used by students?

Schools’ Football Pitches are usually only available for student activities but some may permit public access outside school hours with prior arrangement.

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