The Best Indoor and Outdoor Volleyball Courts in Singapore

Volleyball courts singapore

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Ever had the itch to dive for a ball, serve up a storm, or spike looking ‘Satki’? Well, volleyball in Singapore offers all that and more.

Whether you love the indoor, outdoor hard court, or the sandy beach, there’s a spot for you. With places like OCBC Sports Arena for indoor enthusiasts, Kallang Volleyball Centre for outdoor players, and Sentosa Beach for those who love to play by the shore, Singapore’s volleyball courts are easy to find!

If you always have a problem with booking OCBC Arena Indoor volleyball courts we’ve discovered spots that resonate with the volleyball spirit. Find the right court that matches your volleyball cravings. If your new to learning volleyball, you may want to checkout this article on volleyball clubs and academies!

Top spots to play volleyball in Singapore

Credits: Reddit OCBC Arena Volleyball

Indoor Courts For Volleyball

Indoor volleyball courts offer an excellent environment for both recreational and competitive play in Singapore.

These facilities provide a controlled setting, sheltered from unpredictable weather conditions, making them ideal for year-round practice and matches. Some of the top indoor courts for volleyball in Singapore include:

  1. Singapore Sports Hub: This world-class facility offers air-conditioned indoor volleyball courts, ensuring a comfortable playing experience.
  2. JRT Volleyball Academy: Featuring top-notch training facilities, this academy is dedicated to helping athletes reach their full potential in the sport of volleyball.

These indoor courts provide an excellent platform for individuals looking to participate in team sports like volleyball.

Outdoor Courts For Volleyball

Outdoor courts for volleyball are an excellent option for those looking to enjoy this popular team sport while also benefiting from Singapore’s warm climate and diverse athletic facilities. Some top spots to play volleyball in Singapore’s outdoor courts include:

  1. Kallang Tennis Centre: With its 14 courts, this facility provides plenty of space for both volleyball and tennis enthusiasts to play their favorite sports.
  2. The Lawn @ Marina Bay: This spacious green area boasts a stunning view of the city skyline and is regularly set up with temporary volleyball nets for public use during special events.
  3. Bedok Stadium: Situated in the eastern part of Singapore, this stadium features an outdoor sand court perfect for beach volleyball enthusiasts.
  4. Senja-Cashew Community Club: Located in Bukit Panjang, this community club offers two well-maintained outdoor hard courts suitable for volleyball games.
  5. Yio Chu Kang Sports Centre: Equipped with three outdoor sand courts, this sports center in Ang Mo Kio offers ample space to practice your beach volleyball skills.

Beach Volleyball Courts

Group of friends at a beach volleyball court near Singapore Sports Hub
Credits: Flicker CH

Singapore boasts an impressive selection of beach volleyball courts, catering to both recreational players and serious enthusiasts. These courts provide an ideal setting for enjoying this popular sport while also taking in the beautiful surroundings of Singapore’s picturesque beaches. Some of the top beach volleyball courts in the city-state include:

  1. Sports Hub Beach Volleyball Courts: Located next to the Water Sports Centre and Kallang Wave Mall, these courts are designed to mimic actual beach conditions, making them a perfect spot for competitive play.
  2. Sentosa Beach Volleyball Court: The popular tourist destination of Sentosa Island features a well-maintained sand court amidst its stunning shoreline, providing a picturesque backdrop for your game.
  3. Siloso Beach: Another prime location on Sentosa Island, Siloso Beach offers multiple courts with excellent facilities that cater to both casual and competitive players.
  4. East Coast Park: This sprawling coastal park provides several sand courts along its expansive shoreline, giving beach volleyball enthusiasts plenty of space to enjoy their sport.
  5. Bishan Active Park: Theres a mini enclosed beach volleyball court there!
  6. Tanjong Beach Club: Combining sports with leisure activities, this vibrant club on Sentosa Island offers pristine sand courts as well as additional amenities like dining options and swimming pools.
  7. Pasir Ris Park: Situated in the northeastern part of Singapore, this park features well-maintained sand courts surrounded by lush greenery—perfect for those seeking a more tranquil setting.
  8. Changi Beach Park: With its serene ambiance and beautiful coastline, Changi Beach Park is another excellent option for playing beach volleyball in Singapore.

These various locations offer diverse environments that cater to different preferences, making it easy for anyone interested in beach volleyball to find the perfect court in Singapore.

Popular Locations For Volleyball

Here are some of the most popular spots to play volleyball in Singapore:

  • Kallang Netball Centre: With eight outdoor volleyball courts and floodlights, this location is ideal for playing under the stars.
  • Heartbeat @ Bedok: This indoor facility has four volleyball courts that can accommodate both recreational players and professionals.
  • Sportshub Volleyball Court: Located near the Stadium MRT, the Sportshub volleyball court boasts seven indoor courts with air conditioning and ample space for spectators.
  • OCBC Arena: Head to Stadium and try out the 2 indoor volleyball courts there!
  • Clementi Sports Hall: This indoor sports hall provides two volleyball courts equipped with high-quality nets and balls.
  • Sengkang Sports Hall: Sengkang Sports Hall’s six indoor courts allow several teams to compete simultaneously, making it an excellent spot for larger groups.
  • Yio Chu Kang Sports Hall: This venue provides two spacious indoor courts suitable for both training and competitions.
  • Nus Volleyball Court: If your a student, its a perfect place to play some volleyball!

Your journey into Singapore’s volleyball scene is just a serve away!

With a plethora of volleyball venues, I invite you to serve, spike, and score amidst a community that shares your passion for the game. Click here If you wanna check out other volleyball clubs in singapore.

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