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Squash in Singapore

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Has the fast-paced, racquet-wielding world of squash piqued your curiosity? Well, you’re about to uncover a vibrant sporting culture right in the heart of Singapore.

A land where the legendary Zainal Abidin reigns with 11 national titles and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the SSRA. Our expedition into this racquet sport unveils the essence of a game that’s more than just a chase of the bouncing ball; it’s a community bound by the love of a thrilling challenge.

Dive into the dynamic world of Singaporean squash, offering a glimpse into its rich culture and the ripple of positivity it casts upon the local community.

Key Takeaways

  • Singapore’s squash scene is full of fun and action. The Singapore Squash Rackets Association runs events and helps players get better.
  • Big games like the Singapore Squash Open happen every year in November. Top stars from around the world come to play.
  • There are many places in Singapore to learn or play squash, like Kallang Squash Centre or SAFRA Tampines.
  • Playing squash also helps young people grow. It teaches them about hard work, fair play and being part of a team.

Overview of the Squash Scene in Singapore

Squash players tournament in singapore

Singapore’s squash scene is vibrant and dynamic, managed by the Singapore Squash Rackets Association (SSRA) which organizes local tournaments like the Singapore Squash Open. T

he sport enjoys a strong following with several training facilities across the city-state, such as Bishan Clubhouse and Kallang Squash Centre.

In recent years, players like Zainal Abidin, Aaron Liang, and Samuel Kang have brought prominence to the sport nationally. Enthusiasm for squash continues to grow in Singapore schools as well—evidenced by teams from Outram Secondary Girls’ School and CHIJ Toa Payoh showcasing their talent.

Through community engagement initiatives and fundraising efforts, there is increasing support for the development of youth talents for the future of squash in Singapore.

Singapore Squash Rackets Association

The Singapore Squash Rackets Association (SSRA) plays a big part in squash here. It helps all players get better. Famous player Zainal Abidin got the Lifetime Achievement Award from SSRA in 2022.

They also help Team Singapore’s squash team make history. Many young people learn about squash because of the SSRA. Even a TV show talked about them two times! They work hard to promote love for this fun sport around Singapore.

Singapore Squash Open

The Singapore Squash Open is coming! Mark your calendars for November 14-19, 2023. It’s part of the Professional Squash Association World Tour Gold event. This means we’ll see top stars like Ali Farag and Diego Elias on our courts! The OCBC Arena Hall will buzz with action.

You won’t want to miss it! Register at the Singapore Sports Hub for an amazing squash season this year!

Facilities and Training for Squash in Singapore

Singapore’s vibrant squash culture is championed by its top-notch facilities like the Kallang Squash Centre and Bishan Clubhouse. These places are not just about providing a space, they offer structured training programs designed to improve your game.

Aspiring players can join local clubs or enroll in academies where seasoned coaches use popular strategies and different types of shots to develop their potential. Whether you’re a beginner who needs an introduction to rules and equipment, or a professional player looking for advanced coaching methods, Singapore’s squash scene has got you covered.

Indoor Squash Courts in Singapore

SAFRA Tampines and SAFRA Toa Payoh offer indoor squash courts. They open every day from 7am to 1am of the next dayPeak hours are weekdays from 6pm to midnight, as well as weekends and holidays.

Off-peak hours cover weekdays from 7 am to 6 pm, along with midnight until 1 am. During peak times, members pay $6.10 for each hour on the court – a fair price for an active game! Non-peak prices drop even lower at $3.25 per hour for some cheap but intense fun.

So don’t wait, lace up your shoes and grab a racket!

Squash Academies and Clubs

You will find many top squash places in Singapore. They help grow love for the game.

  1. Singapore Squash Rackets Association (SSRA) is a big name. It helps push for squash in Singapore.
  2. The American Club has great squash courts. There, they hold events and lessons for people who love squash.
  3. Kids and adults can train at Burghley Squash Centre.
  4. Kallang Squash Centre has great courts for play and training.
  5. MOE (Evans) Squash Centre also offers good facilities for all players.

The Impact of Squash on the Singapore Community

A group of friendly squash players in singapore

In Singapore, squash brings people together. It helps build strong bonds in the community. People from all ages play and watch the sport here.

Squash also works as a tool to shape young minds. Schools like Outram Secondary and MGS have teams that compete in matches.

Young players learn about teamwork, hard work, and fair play while having fun on the court.

Besides, many events take place every year such as Oncocare National Junior Squash Championships which adds excitement to the lives of Singaporeans. The game’s impact spreads beyond just playing; it uplifts spirits, nurtures talents and unites communities.

With great players and top-notch places to play, it’s easy to love squash here in Singapore. And remember, anyone can join the fun!

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1. What is the history of squash in Singapore?

The history of Singapore Squash goes back to when Chua Man Tong and Pang Ko Hoe played the game. Now, stars like Au Yeong Wai Yhann and Samuel Kang Shuan Mu have come up.

2. Can kids learn squash in Singapore schools?

Yes! Schools like Outram Secondary Girls’ School have a strong squash culture, guided by National Head Coach Edward Thng.

3. What does it take to master squash?

Learning rules of squash, different types of shots, scoring system, and popular strategies could help improve your game. Regular training with a coach at facilities such as St Wilfred Squash Centre is also helpful.

4. How can I start playing Squash in Singapore?

You can join youth and coaching development programs offered by ActiveSG or attend events listed on for beginners which guides you on equipment needed along with other basics.

5. Is there any major event related to Squash that happens regularly in Singapore?

Dymon Asia SGSquash Circuit and Vitagen Singapore Squash open are some key events in the calendar aside from national championships where players compete fiercely against each other.

6.Are there any career opportunities available if one excels at Squash?

Definitely! A player could pursue a professional career playing globally recognized tournaments just like Mohamed El Shorbagy or become part of elite teams such as high-performance team under National Training Squad given exceptional performance records.

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