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Looking for the best indoor tennis courts in Singapore? You’re not alone. The quest for the perfect indoor tennis court in Singapore is a essential among tennis lovers, given that it sucks to clear up a wet court! If you’re on the lookout for a court that shelters you from the bad weather, you’ve just served an ace by landing on this page. Singapore is home to a myriad of top-tier indoor tennis facilities like the Winchester Tennis Arena, managed by the esteemed TAG International Tennis Academy.

Key Takeaways

  • Singapore has many good indoor tennis courts for all types of players.
  • Winchester Tennis Arena and Kallang ActiveSG Centre are top picks.
  • Many venues offer lessons with good coaches.
  • Check things like lightscoach qualityhours open, and cost when picking a court.

Overview of Indoor Tennis Courts in Singapore

Singapore boasts a diverse range of indoor tennis courts that cater to both beginners and advanced players. These facilities provide a comfortable environment for individuals to enhance their skills without having to worry about the weather conditions.

Notable indoor tennis courts in Singapore include Winchester Tennis Arena, Kallang ActiveSG Tennis Centre, St Wilfred Tennis Court, among others.

Each court has unique features and services tailored to meet different playing needs. First checkout this video if your lazy to read!

Winchester Tennis courts

Winchester Indoor Tennis Court in Singapore
Credits: Flickr Vox Sports

Located in the heart of Alexandra Park, Winchester Tennis Arena offers a world-class tennis experience with four sheltered indoor courts, high performance lighting for night play and professional coaching services available.

Winchester Tennis Arena sits in Alexandra Park at 12A Winchester Road.

It has four indoor tennis courts that can be used no matter what the weather is like. TAG International Tennis Academy runs it.

You can take private or group lessons there from certified coaches. The Arena opens at 7:00 a.m and closes at 10:00 p.m each day, with the last lesson finishing up by 9:00 p.m. For people from other places and $3.50 for locals or those with PR status.

Heartbeat@Bedok ActiveSG tennis court

Active SG Indoor Tennis Courts
Credits: ActiveSG

Located in the vibrant Bedok hub, Heartbeat@Bedok ActiveSG Tennis Centre run by the Singapore sports council offers top-tier facilities including four well-maintained indoor tennis courts ideal for both beginners and seasoned players.

The center is conveniently accessible via public transport making it an excellent choice for those living in the east part of Singapore.

Heartbeat@Bedok ActiveSG Tennis Centre is near Bedok MRT station. It takes only five minutes to walk from the station or bus stop to the center. The place has six indoor tennis courts.

With its advanced lighting and sound systems, coupled with air-conditioning, it ensures a comfortable environment conducive to high-level play and learning. They are in good shape and have lights for night games.

Other popular tennis courts (Non-indoor tennis courts)

Kallang ActiveSG Indoor Tennis Courts

St Wilfred Tennis Court

Situated in the heart of Singapore, St Wilfred Tennis Court boasts top-notch facilities and professional coaching for players of all skill levels. Continue reading to discover more about its amenities, rates, and programs tailored for both adults and kids.

St Wilfred Tennis Court sits on 3 St. Wilfred Road, Singapore. It is a top spot for tennis lovers. The court opens every day from 7am to 10pm.

Both locals and foreigners visit this place often because of the neat courts that are good for daily play.

Costs differ at peak and non-peak hours. For Singaporeans, it’s $9.50 at busy times, and for less busy times it’s $3.50, while visitors pay more – $12.40 during busy periods, and $4.60 in quieter times.

Kallang ActiveSG Tennis Courts

The Kallang ActiveSG Tennis Centre, located within the sports hub of Singapore, boasts eight well-maintained indoor tennis courts perfect for both novice and expert players looking to improve their game.

Kallang ActiveSG Tennis Centre is a top pick for outdoor tennis courts in Singapore. It sits near the busy CBD, making it easy to get to. The centre has boasts 14 big courts which gives players a lot of room to play.

The centre opens early at 7am and closes late at 10pm. During busy hours, it costs $12.40 for people from other places, and $9.50 for locals of Singapore or those with PR status.

In less busy times, it costs less – $4.60

Popular tennis lessons in singapore

Eightfloor Tennis Academy Singapore
Credits: EightFloor Tennis

Eighth Floor Tennis

Known for its modern facilities and top-notch coaching, Eighth Floor Tennis offers a comfortable indoor tennis environment that’s perfect for both beginners and advanced players. Explore more about what makes this place a standout choice among indoor tennis courts in Singapore.

Eighth Floor Tennis sits in Chai Chee Business Park above Decathlon Bedok. It is easy to find and get to. It offers top-level tennis lessons for kids and adults too. The teachers know how to play and teach tennis very well.

The court at Eighth Floor Tennis is full of things you need for a good game. There’s even a Pro Tennis Shop on site! You can buy all kinds of gear here. Need your racquet restrung? They do that too at the shop!

TAG International Tennis Academy

TAG International Tennis Academy is at the top in Singapore. It takes place at Winchester Tennis Arena. The coaches are good and teach well no matter the weather. This academy makes many young players win games.

They train all age groups who want to play hard. Their ways of teaching look at how you swing, your game plans, how to get ready for matches and being strong in mind while playing tennis.

Tennis lessons at Winchester Tennis Arena managed by TAG International Tennis Academy offer different rates for ad hoc lessons and package rates. The rates are as follows:

Lesson TypeRate
Ad hoc$145 per hour
10-hour package$1,400 ($140 per hour)
20-hour package$2,700 ($135 per hour)
30-hour package$3,900 ($130 per hour)

Booking for tennis lessons can be made at Winchester Tennis Arena, open from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. daily, with the last lesson at 9.00 p.m. TAG International Tennis Academy, known for producing high-performance junior players, conducts these private and group tennis lessons. The academy’s certified tennis coaches provide high-quality tennis instruction, ensuring you get the best lessons.


1. What are the best indoor tennis courts in Singapore?

The best indoor, air-conditioned tennis courts in Singapore include St Wilfred Tennis Centre, MBPS Marina Tennis Centre and SAFRA Jurong.

2. How can I book a sheltered indoor tennis court in Singapore?

You can book a sheltered tennis court by visiting websites like Play! Tennis or Eighth Floor Tennis Academy for open booking rates and operating hours.

3. Is there any place where kids can learn to play tennis?

Yes, Banana Tennis Academy offers kids’ indoor lessons on groundstrokes and court coverage while prioritizing sportsmanship and open communication with parents.

4. Can adults also take private tennis lessons at these centers?

Surely yes! Both beginners and advanced players can get tailored instruction through private or group sessions at locations such as Yio Chu Kang Tennis Centre or Kampong Glam Community Club.

5. Do the centers have facilities for after-work games or group sessions?

Yes, most of them located near Central Business District (CBD) offer facilities like public showers, lockers along with an inviting community club atmosphere perfect for after-work games and group sessions.

6. Aside from playing, what other services do these centers provide?

Most of these places offer additional services including court bookings,operating hours details,racquet reviews,and even essential items guidance to pack your bag right;not forgetting technical,tactical instructions alongside tournament preparation guides.

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